Earth's Dragon Landscaping ​and Garden ​Design

We perform the duties that no one else likes to do!

You can find landscaping companies anywhere, but we do the things they won't.

When you want your shrubs trimmed, lawn mowed, your landscape redesigned, your garden expanded, a waterfall installed, consultation on what plants work well in your climate zone; that is what we are here for. We are locally owned and operated, with strong ties to our community.  Our services can be seen around town and our commitment to excellence is paramount.   Whether you are seeking anything from weeding your garden or redesigning and installing an all new one-of-a-kind outdoor space, our creative solutions to a major commercial or residential landscaping project are at your disposal.  Our experienced and professional team will walk you through every step of the transforation.  Are you looking for that personal touch?  That's when you should call Earth's Dragon Landscaping and Garden Design.

Beth Batten

Owner/Financial Officer

Creating a babbling brook, waterfall and garden pond just became a real possibility.

Nothing's more calming than clear, cascading, bubbling water that gently settles in your very own garden pond. But for a garden pond to really come alive, the right choices have to be made to the foliage that surrounds it. You might not think it, but the decoration options are limitless...

John Clifton


Our Team