Our Services

We offer everything from softscapes to hardscapes, including waterfalls, botanical selections, and full site design.  Keeping your property beautiful through our cleanup and maintenance programs is an affordable and guaranteed way to showcase your landscape. 

It's easier than you think to transform your property into the showpiece you've always wanted.

Nothing is more calming than having an outdoor space to enjoy.  Be it at a restaurant, bar, the office, or your home.  We can help you create an environment befitting of your needs.

Allow us to unlock your property's potential

Our Mission

We have been in business since 2012 and began out of a love for the outdoors, and the recognition of the concrete jungle that much of our society calls home was in desperate need of beautification.  We believe that a well designed, balanced, and often organic style garden has the power to relax an individual and serve as their own personal oasis, even in a public space.

What We Do

We transform neglected parcels of land into a place for communities to gather and enjoy themselves for years to come. We redesign the private property for families to enjoy.  We ensure that city business districts exhibit beautiful botanical selections for the enjoyment of all who pass through.

Earth's Dragon Landscaping ​and Garden ​Design